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Topics I speak on

  • Living a Self-Empowered Life
  • Renewing Life After Loss
  • Building Personal Resilience
  • Peace and Forgiveness

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‘Peace One Day’ - An Inspirational session with Kia Scherr (2015)

‘Peace One Day’ – An Inspirational session with Kia Scherr (2015)

About Kia Scherr

Portrait of Kia Scherr, author of 'Pocketbook of Peace'
I spent my early years seeking, finding and then learning to help others find their inner peace through meditation and the power of forgiveness.

I am the author of Pocketbook of Peace and Forgiveness is a Choice, both written in response to the Mumbai terrorist attack of 2008 that took the lives of both my husband Alan and 13 year old daughter Naomi. I spent six years in Mumbai creating peace education programs in schools, working with police to build community trust and with business to increase productivity. All of these programs were based on finding the peace within and sharing it with others.

There are sixteen schools in Mexico City that use the practices I developed in the Pocketbook of Peace. Love, compassion and peace are contagious and it’s easy to spread generously once we develop that focus.

I invite you to delve into this unbounded ocean within yourself and discover the peace that is waiting to be experienced and shared. This is the basis of resilient living, self-empowerment and renewing life after loss.

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