Develop Resilient Living

Individual guidance program

Expand your capacity to handle life’s most challenging situations

Dealing with major life changes can be overwhelming. A sudden death or an unexpected difficult life transition can throw us off balance. We often cannot control outer circumstances, but we can develop resilience to deal with them.

Develop Resilient Living

Individual Guidance Program

These individual guidance sessions will help you learn how to stay in balance when dealing with difficult situations.

When you are resilient – you are flexible. You can swing back into balance, no matter what life throws at you.

A woman writing at her desk, reflecting on the tools and guidance gained through Kia Scherr's Develop Resilient Living program

Learn to remain calm under any circumstances


Make clear decisions with ease


Navigate the flow of life more effectively


Stay relaxed and focused no matter what’s going on around you


Learn to feel at peace in any situation


Reconnect with your inner feeling of love


Remain unaffected by stress

Embrace the power of the ocean and develop inner strength with Kia Scherr's Develop Resilient Living program. Image of a woman facing the ocean with arms outstretched

How to get Started


Book a phone consultation

15 minute free discovery call to see if we are a good fit


Receive Kia’s guidance

You will learn the tools that will allow you to reconnect with life


Start Developing Resilient Living

Expand your capacity to handle difficult situations

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