Renew Your Life After Loss

Individual guidance program

Reconnect with life after a tragedy

A death of a loved one or a major life transition (divorce, loss of home, financial hardship) often has devastating long-lasting effects on one’s life. You may feel hopeless, detached and engaged in self-destructive behaviors.

There is a way out of depression and grief. You can renew your life after loss.

No matter the challenge you have been through, you can bring balance back into your life. You can transform your life with love.

Kia Scherr providing guidance and support during her individual guidance programs for life after loss

This individual guidance program includes:


6 weekly personal guidance sessions


Simple and effective meditations, breathing and self-awareness techniques


Home assignments


Kia's unique guide to the grieving process

This program is based on Pocketbook of Peace.

Experience the Life-Renewal process

This program will take you through a unique process Kia developed to help herself re-engage with life after she has experienced a devastating personal tragedy.

Find inner peace

Experience the deep peace and serenity

Heal from grief

Move through the grieving process in a healthy way

Re-engage with life

Feel alive again 

How to get started


Book a phone consultation

15 minute free discovery call to see if we are a good fit


Receive Kia’s guidance

You will learn the tools that will allow you to reconnect with life


Renew your life after loss

Bring yourself into balance. Transform your life with love.

Kia Scherr