Book cover for 'Pocketbook of Peace', by Kia Scherr

10th Anniversary Edition

Pocketbook of Peace

Deepen your personal connection to the core of life within yourself and connect more fully with others as you experience greater peace, compassion and love in your everyday life.

Pocketbook of Peace

Book reviews

“I enjoyed The Pocketbook of Peace thoroughly. I believe it’ll shift the way you see & experience life in a deep, lasting way.”

– Oliver

“This simple, little book produces extraordinary insights & results. The everyday quotes are gentle reminders on how to live large, consciously, and to live in Love. It is one of those books that I will read & re-read on an on-going basis. In doing the “30 Day Challenge”, not only did I learn more about myself, it opened my mind & heart to the world of possibilities in a most powerful way.”

– Lorrie
“After reading this book you will never look at a stranger through the same eyes again.”
– Aaron Space
“This is a wonderful book to give to a dozen of your friends. It’s time to create a positive movement!”
– Henrietta H. Latham
“The book provides direct, inspired and helpful focus for integrating into our lives complex concepts such as gratitude, love, balance, and sharing. In a format inviting to the experienced journal keeper or the beginner, these daily focusing suggestions are deep and challenging. Translating grand intentions into daily practice is truly the greatest challenge in all spiritual traditions. This book supports the effort to master the art of the everyday walk on the path of awareness.”
– Marita Digney
“This book tells us how and is a simple road map that any of us can follow. For those who follow this path the result is greater peace within and a huge contribution to peace in the world.”
– Celeste Smucker
“It’s a simple tool that helps us live each day in beauty, peace, love and gratitude–creating the world we want to live in, one of compassion and peace.”
– Mary Cowley

“Through simple, conscious steps Kia shows the way to self-awareness and thus, self-mastery.”

– Helen Connolly
“This 30 day program is a distillation of the work of spiritual masters, philosophers and quantum physicists, simply presented in a form that YOU can follow.”

– Grace

Kia Scherr