Book cover for 'Forgiveness is a Choice', by Kia Scherr

Forgiveness Is a Choice

Teachings About Peace and Love

How could you forgive a terrorist?

A month or so before Christmas 2008, Kia Scherr lost her husband and teenage daughter to the horrific Mumbai terrorist attack at the Oberoi. In a second, her life was clouded with grief, and since then, it has been a convoluted journey of resilience and recovery.

In Forgiveness is a Choice, Scherr peels back the many layers of personal bereavement. She moves beyond the incident, focusing on the reality of dealing with sorrow that rears its ugly heads in myriad forms. Never mawkish, her writing offers everyday advice on how to meander grief-laden experiences. A tender and understanding guide on getting a grip and taking life one day at a time.

Book reviews

“This book is a road map of how one can free themselves of resentment, revenge and hate. When grief has a tight gripe on our world the only thing that lessens it, is the fresh breath of forgiveness. It seems unnatural to forgive, impossible even, but follow the process, this stellar book will guide you step by step into peace.”

– Denise Fisher

“If you want the gift that comes with the conscious decision to forgive, you will want to read her book. And the healing energy that her teachings on peace and love offer is a sacred bonus… Without drama and while promoting love, she shares stories and offers suggestions that can help the healing process.”

– Susan Tate
“Kia brings all her priceless experiences in a very organised manner to help all those who are struggling with the will to live. … Please, please get this book for yourself and pick it up whenever you feel low and depressed. This book is not a lecture, but a warm hug.”
– Tanisha Rahman
“This book is a practical guide to forgiveness… It is a manual for hard times – a gem, indeed! Anytime I’m unsettled, I know, I will turn to this book to feel grounded again. An inspiring book you MUST get. Also, a worthy gift you can give to anyone you love and care for.”
– Aayesha Hakim

“This book made it easy to cope with the loss of loved ones…”

– Kidliomag
Kia Scherr