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Renewing life after loss

Guiding sessions & resources to help you restore your life after a loss or a tragedy

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Develop Resilient Living

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Experience Self-Empowerment


even after going through life’s most challenging situations


Death of a loved one


Loss of a job, home or income




Major life transition

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Second Chances

An inspiring compilation of true stories about resilience and faith that is much needed during these challenging times.

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How you can reconnect with life after loss

Develop Resilient Living

Individual guidance program

Renew Your Life After Loss

Individual guidance program

Living a Self-Empowered Life

Individual guidance program

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10th Anniversary Edition

Pocketbook of Peace

by Kia Scherr

Deepen your personal connection to the core of life within yourself and connect more fully with others as you experience greater peace, compassion and love in your everyday life.

Peace Portal

Free weekly audio meditations from Pocketbook of Peace.

Expand your capacity to weather the storms of life

A sudden loss of a loved one or a major life transition can have devastating long-lasting effects on one’s life. They often include addictions, depression, social isolation, mental health problems and general health decline.

When you develop personal resilience and emotional strength, you can bring yourself back into balance. You gain a capacity to stay focused, functional and relaxed under any circumstances. You can reconnect with life again.

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Meet your guide

Kia Scherr

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Kia Scherr knows what it’s like to overcome a devastating personal tragedy.

The Mumbai terrorist attacks of 26 November 2008 changed Kia’s life overnight, claiming the lives of her husband Alan and 13-year-old daughter Naomi, who had traveled to India on a retreat. Their deaths marked the end of life as Kia knew it, but the trauma was also the catalyst for an extraordinary new direction in her life.

Today, as a speaker, mentor and life guide, Kia works with people seeking to foster positive attitudes and behaviors, transformation, resilience, forgiveness, and grief recovery.

Portrait of Kia Scherr, author of 'Pocketbook of Peace'
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Client Testimonials

Kia shows the way to self-awareness through simple conscious steps

Through simple, conscious steps Kia shows the way to self-awareness and thus, self-mastery. The ripple effect of millions of people taking these steps on a moment by moment, daily basis, over a lifetime, will brighten hearts and the whole world will be dazzled by the light! It takes someone who has known such depths of darkness to lead us into our own light.

Helen Connolly 
Helen Connolly

Kia … guides us to the magical place within

To touch your soul is to experience your life on a more deeper, connected, truthful level. Kia gently guides us to that magical place within… that when we touch… we are truly never the same… Thank you, Kia for inspiring us by awakening our senses to live life more fully… with compassion, connection, gratitude, peace, joy, and love… as one.


After working with Kia you will experience


Better focus


Healing from grief


Less stress and anxiety


Inner peace in any circumstances


Feeling more relaxed


Being able to forgive and let go


Feeling more at ease in difficult situations

How to get started


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Reconnect with life again

Find inner peace, build personal resilience and experience self-empowerment

You can feel at peace no matter what’s going on around you

There is not a lot of peace in our world right now. The only place you can find it is on the inside. As you slow down and quiet your mind, you will notice that inside of you lies a deep ocean of peace, love and possibility. There’s stillness beneath the waves. There’s silence beneath the noise.

The tools and practices I am teaching will help you reconnect with that sacred place inside of you.


Resources to help you on your journey

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