Finding Love in the One Right Place


Most of us have had experience ‘looking for love in all the wrong places’ as the classic country song laments. Yes, that is a fool’s game filled with disappointment and heartbreak. Anytime we look for love outside of ourselves we are reaching for an illusion. Like the mirage in the desert, as we get closer and closer it disappears, even though it looked so real. We were so thirsty for it that we rush toward it with excitement, ready to embrace it and then it dissolves right before our eyes. Unless we break the pattern it will keep happening. The mirage will continue to appear in various forms, whether the white knight or the princess bride.

Instead of the reaching for the next mirage, try looking in the mirror. What do you see? Who do you see? Look into your own eyes. Close your eyes and settle into your own being. Feel your presence. Settle into it and relax with it. Can you embrace it? Wherever you are it will be there, that presence. It breathes with you, beats with your heart, walks with you, feels with you, sleeps with you, wakes up with you. It is you. It is worthy of love because it is the love that resides within.

What if we were actually made of love? What if love is that alive presence inside of us? This love will never leave us, will never betray us, will never hurt us, humiliate us, manipulate us, reject us, lie to us, disregard us, or desert us. It is there waiting for us to bring it out into the open. It is there already embracing us. When we embrace it in return as feel the loving presence surrounding us, moving through our thoughts and feelings, something wonderful happens.

Once we tap into this reservoir of love, it spreads out into our lives. It’s radiating through our eyes, lighting up our entire being. It feels so good, we’re no longer looking for anything. We’re happy to be with our inner lover just as we are. No need to search for love when it’s already here. Now we have something to share. Our hearts, no longer broken, have opened up to receive. When we reach that point of receptivity the floodgates burst open and life brings us an abundance of love in all the right places. Wherever we are we will be giving and receiving love. What is real is within. What is real will never disappear if we remain one with the presence of love. Our attention can tune into it at anytime. We can direct our attention wherever we choose. When we choose to direct it to love, love is there to embrace us. Finding love is easy – it’s where you are right now.


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