Beyond Stress Management in the Business of Life


This is a simple process that can be applied on the job every day for 30 days that will serve to take you beyond managing stress and into fulfilling your purpose in ways you never expected. But first we need to create a new operating system to enable the best to of who you are to emerge in every situation and every interaction.

What determines our success? It is based in how we are interacting with each other and that is the outcome of our thoughts and attitudes. To produce positive outcomes and make a positive impact, we need to choose positive thoughts and behaviors. We can direct our thoughts and behaviors however we choose. We can set the tone for our day to determine the best outcomes. This process will provide a day by day focus that will help you to be aware of yourself and how you are relating to others. After 30 days of developing these habits it will become second nature to fall back on them, rather than the old way of reacting in a negative way or feeling overwhelmed by stress.

Beyond Stress Management means that instead of treading water you can move forward and ride the waves to your chosen shoreline. Instead of maintaining the status quo you can create breakthroughs. The barriers to break through are the barriers we create by our self limiting thoughts and beliefs. We can ease our way into a new way of being that is natural and in alignment with who we truly are.

There is nothing new to learn, there is only the necessity to turn your attention to a loving way of being, beginning with yourself and extending to others. Each challenge will naturally become an opportunity to put the loving behavior into practice, whether it be patience, forgiveness, listening, acceptance, completion, collaboration, simplify, sharing or trusting.

These are just a few of the themes to fully explore in the course of your daily experience. One builds upon the other and then life begins to flow in a new way and people begin to respond more openly. It just takes your willingness to include this practice each day with whatever you are doing at home, work, school or play.

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