Finding Spiritual Direction Right Where You Are


There is a tendency when one is wondering how to find spiritual direction to think of it as something outside of ourselves, something mystical, religious or beyond the physical dimension of life. After decades of seeking the next and best spiritual path I discovered it is right here where I am, wherever that happens to be. What if your spiritual direction is right where you are standing right now? What is happening in your life right now? How are you responding to it? Are you responding with acceptance, love and compassion or at least neutrality? Or are you angry, judgmental, resistant, sad, upset, frustrated and depressed? Life experience includes the full spectrum of positive and negative experience and a mixture of both simultaneously. Who is experiencing this life? Who is watching, listening, breathing, speaking, feeling and moving about? This is the ultimate question leading to the ultimate truth of our Self. It has been said that all paths lead to the mountaintop. Is the mountaintop your goal? Or is your goal simply to know yourself, as Socrates so wisely advised.


“What you’re looking for is what is looking.”

St. Francis of Assisi

To know our true selves as the creator of our experience is living spirituality in every moment. I have a friend who doesn’t think of himself as a spiritual or religious person but who knows he is a whole human being that is one with the universe. He’s living it and doesn’t need to define it. As a result he isn’t afraid to break down barriers, chart new directions and explore more aspects of himself in the process. I think he would say life is his spirituality and his path is what is opened up before him in any moment.

Like attracts like and when you are ready for spiritual direction and guidance, a teacher will appear. You will find yourself attracted to a book, a website, a program or a retreat that will help you to open up aspects of yourself that you have forgotten or have covered up out of fear. But in truth you don’t have to go anywhere to discover the truth of who you are because you are always here right now.

Krishnamurti said, “Transformation is through awareness.” The more aware you are, the more you will know your true self on all levels, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Spiritual includes all of it and living spirituality is learning to embrace all of it with love and returning to your totality all the negative energy that causes contraction of heart, mind and spirit. This is what I have learned from my spiritual teachers. I am grateful to each and every one of them because on my own I was blinded by what was right in front of me. It took a clear mirror to see clearly what was obvious, to see that what I was looking for was what was looking…that is how to find spiritual direction.


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