Kia Scherr speaking on the importance of understanding what comprises a peaceful society and how we can be pro-active to create peace. Practical peace is possible when we work together. We create the positive impact of peace when we bring our most loving behaviors into daily lives.

Death Is Life

Death is life might not make sense at first. My husband and daughter were killed in a terrorist attack in the city of Mumbai....

Beyond Stress Management in the Business of Life

This is a simple process that can be applied on the job every day for 30 days that will serve to take you beyond managing stress...

Finding Love in the One Right Place

Most of us have had experience 'looking for love in all the wrong places' as the classic country song laments. Yes, that is a...

Alive in India Part 1

After Kia Scherr's husband and 13 year old daughter were killed in the Mumbai terrorist attack known as 26/11, Kia visits the place where...

Alive In India Part 3

Kia visits the restaurant where her husband and daughter were killed in the Mumbai terrorist attack of 26/11. Once again, she discovers love never...

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