Kia Scherr reads a letter she received from a man sentenced to life in prison with stage IV cancer. His message is about choosing to love despite his conditions and uncertain life span. Love is the way forward even in prison. He received a copy of Pocketbook of Peace...

Stages Of Grief Are A Myth

This might be controversial, but from my experience of losing my husband and daughter in one tragic event, the stages of grief are a...

Helping Raise The Global Peace Index

  Kia Scherr speaking on the importance of understanding what comprises a peaceful society and how we can be pro-active to create peace. Practical peace...

Alive In India Part 3

Kia visits the restaurant where her husband and daughter were killed in the Mumbai terrorist attack of 26/11. Once again, she discovers love never...

Grief Definition Is In Eye Of Beholder

Grief Definition is typically as follows..."keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss; sharp sorrow, painful regret." There are also what is known...

Bereavement Is a 3 Dimensional Process

Bereavement, like everything else in the universe, is multidimensional. Life exists on many layers from the dense to the subtle. The deeper we look...

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